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Upcoming events

Our Annual Events!

Most events for the year are broadcast after our Planning Meeting and AGM - as this may change the structure of our year and our discretionary events. However, the main Haflas have been scheduled as follows, for your planning pleasure.

Please do join us for the planning day and/or AGM if you'd like to have some input into new ideas and directions for the Free Spirit Dance Community Inc. If you've ever said to yourself "Wouldn't it be great if...." - we'd like to know! If you can't make the day, email us today!


January 2020 : AGM 

Planning the new direction of the FSDC and dreaming big dreams. Join us!

Our annual event to raise money and awareness of female cancers.

Friday-Sunday, 29 May - 31 May 2020 - The WA Middle Eastern Dance Festival.

The biggest dance event in WA! Proudly presented by the Free Spirit Dance Community Inc and Bellydance Central. Check out the website here.

A fabulous day of shopping, performances and fun!

Our fabulous Christmas Hafla!

December : The Members' Christmas Party!

All members are invited along to the Studio for a relaxed evening of fun and frivolity.


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